Wood Colony

Wood Colony is located in Stanislaus County, California, West of Modesto and just South of Salida. Wood Colony got its name from Eben Wood, who in 1869, purchased 1,760 acres in Stanislaus County which he farmed until 1891 when a severe drought caused massive crop failures.  By 1903, with the advent of fresh Sierra-Nevada irrigation water, the  area was once again a rich and fertile area for many future generations of farmers.

The Wood Colony farmland is rich in history and agriculture but is being threatened by the Modesto City Council’s General Plan which includes annexing the majority of Wood Colony and zoning it for industrial and commercial use. In the process some of the most fertile soil in the Central Valley could be paved over. The impact on Wood Colony would be drastic.

This would threaten the livelihoods of local families, some of which have farmed here for over 100 years. With many industrial and commercial properties vacant in Modesto, is this really what we need to provide jobs at the risk of displacing the hundreds of jobs already supported by this local farming community?

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City Council’s Approved General Plan for Wood Colony. NOTE: The GREEN section was removed

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